Dearly Beloved Parents,

Excellence has a price. I want you to welcome your children home during this mid-term with this understanding. Let excellence ring through in everything that you involve them in.
The stakes are getting higher in the globalized world awaiting them. While we at DIC are continuously pushing the frontiers of learning and character in order for your children to be head and shoulder above in their generation, we need you to provide matching effort at the home front.
Incorporating excellence is a continuous thing. You can do this by setting them on a 3-day project and exposing them to current trends in leadership and technology, literature and science, finance and health. These suggestions are themes that will resonate with ideas that DIC educators, mentors and professionals-in-residence have taught your children all through this term. When children know that it is not only the school that is driving them to become more, do more and achieve more we get the desired effect on the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains of learning.
Above all, let the children see Christ in their parents and they will normally follow your lead. Our chairman and spiritual father, Reverend Olusola Areogun said in a recent message (Running the Christian Race Effectively and Successfully; October 28, 2018) that this new generation is not going to be kind on the old; they ask brutal questions and they are sincere. Let your children see practical Christianity at home and there's no stopping what they will be for God in their generation.
On behalf of DIC management and staff, Happy New Month and have a sweet, smooth, swift and restful mid-term break.
God's Handmaiden and CEO,
Reverend Oyenike Areogun