End of Speed (1st) Term Newsletter

Dear Esteemed Parents/Guardians,

Compliments of the season to you.

We are so grateful to God for bringing us to the end of the speed term of the 2016/2017 academic session.

We appreciate your well-played role in the lives of our dear students. Please, keep up the good work, your reward is nearer than ever! 


The first term which commenced on September 10, 2016 ends today 16th December, 2016.

The accuracy term (second term) begins on Saturday, January, 7th 2017. Therefore, all students are expected to resume on this day in order to prepare for full academic work which commences on Monday 9th January, 2017 by the grace of God.


Extra coaching arrangement is available to attend to identified areas of challenges in students. Parents are enjoined to take advantage of this opportunity by placing an official request through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


This is to notify parents of our policy on presenting our students for transitional/ terminal examination a year ahead of the regular time. In view of the intense programme/ curriculum our students are taken through in DIC.

It is compulsory for all students to be presented a year ahead of such external examination e.g. NECO, STATE BECE, NECO BECE... Parents are hereby notified that in view of our intense programme / curriculum, the 11th grades/ SS2 and 8th grades/JSS2 students would be registered for 2017 NECO and state BECE examinations respectively.

Further information on registration will be communicated to the parents concerned as at when due. 


In the course of this term, we registered our students for the following exams:

1.      2016 Oct/Nov West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificates Exam [WASSCE]

2.      P.S.A.T exam in October 2016

3.      2016 Oct/Nov Cambridge GCE O Level Examination

4.      2017 May/June West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificates Exam [WASSCE]

Consequent to the efforts of teachers put into the preparation of the students, we are confident of excellent performances.

COMPETITIONS:  We celebrate academic excellence at DIC, some of our students participated in several competitions on local, state and national levels. We are glad to inform you that some of our students competed with over 100 schools in the state with attending excellent performances and awards. To mention a few:

NNPC COMPETITION: This competition has three aspects: quiz, debate and essay writing. At the local level, DIC came first in the Quiz with 90%; Second in Debate and Third position in Essay writing. Whereas at the state level, we came second in the Quiz segment and third position in Debate.

FRSC/ SHELL competition: DIC students were commended with cash awards for winning the 2nd position with 85 points while the 1st position had 86points.In the South West region also DIC took the 3rd position.

OTHERS: We are still expecting results of the National Mathematics and Sciences Olympiad and NIPOST Letter writing competitions. 


We appreciate our parents for always encouraging their ward(s) to do their assignments-which are a part of their continuous assessment and will be graded. Please be reminded that no student will be allowed into the school premises at resumption if he/she does not complete his/her take home assignment. Any parent/guardian who brings their ward(s) without fully completing his/her take home assignments would have to ensure the completion of assignments in all the subjects the student offers before such student would be cleared into the hostel. 



We appreciate parents / guardians for being very consistent with the payment of their Children / wards fees. Please be reminded that all students’ fees must have been paid before resumption and parents/guardians are to bring evidence of payment at resumption or email it to the school ahead of resumption. No student defaulting in payment will be allowed into the school. 


Resumption time/penalty

We enjoin parents / guardians to always plan ahead for resumption. The penalty for late resumption remains #5,000 per day and would be paid upfront before the defaulting student can be checked into the hostel.

 Visual Acuity

Parents / guardians are enjoined to ensure their children / wards take visual acuity test while on midterm break. This is to help parents / guardians ascertain the state of their children / wards sight and also take necessary precautions before bringing them to school.

 Boarding requirements

Parents/guardians should endeavour that their children/wards come with all boarding requirements. Also, items should be distinctly marked with student’s name, though not in very conspicuous places. This will enable easy identification of what belongs to whom in the case of a mix-up or when such item is found around.

 Parents /Guardians’ Call-in time

Parents/guardians are hereby reminded to stick to the call in hours which usually end by 7:30pm on the call in days: Mondays; 6:00pm-7:30pm and Saturdays; 4:00pm- 7:30pm. 


We wish to bring to your notice that DIC is presently undergoing a lot of renovation aimed towards a more satisfactory service and experience to all school users and our esteemed parents. The New DIC entrance driveway has been completed for smooth and easy access to the school. We appreciate our parents for their understanding during the course of the road construction which necessitated the use of an alternative pathway.


In view of the effort of the school authority to further satisfy our students’ basic needs which include adequate supply of water, the school has provided two different boreholes to ensure adequate supply of clean water to the school via heavy capacity overhead tanks and thus inadequate water supply is fully guaranteed. 


 DIC is offering admission placements into 7th & 8th grades/JSS1-JSS2; and 10th & 11th grades/ SSS1-SSS2 for the 2016/2017 academic session.

Ø  Entrance Examination into 2nd term 2016/2017 and 1st term 2017/2018 academic session is in progress.

Ø  Admission forms could be obtained in the school or at any of our liaison offices across the country. 


The 3-week full-boarding pre-enrolment programme though optional; is highly recommended for all prospective students. The enrolment package (admission form, free Maths and English practice questions) is available. Obtain your copy today!  We will appreciate your referrals & recommendations to prospective parents in your sphere of influence and endeavour.

The pre-enrolment coaching programme holds during the Power and Accuracy term holidays, the schedule would be communicated to our dear parents as at when due.

 For more information please call; 08160754683 or 09037422918. You may also send us a mail via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website at www.destinyinternationalcollege.org


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance!!!