Destiny International College seeks applicants who desire to be prepared for an excellent academic life and an impactful future in a Christian college... 

Destiny International College seeks applicants who desire to be prepared for an excellent academic life and an impactful future in a Christian college... Prospective students' previous academic experience is one, but not the only factor used for the evaluation of applications. The College maintains a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age.

Applicants will be notified concerning admission when the following procedures have been fully observed:

1. Parent or guardian fully completes a parents' questionnaire form 

2. A non-refundable N15,000:00 student's enrollment package.

3. Official results from any college(s) previously attended.

4. Academic recommendation from a current teacher or instructor

5. Age and Health Requirements: 
            a. Student must have reached the suitable age for the grade level assigned prior to admittance. 
            b. Student must have a birth certificate and all proper health and immunization records to fulfill. 
            c. All children entering school for the first time must show documentation of having received a comprehensive health screening examination within the past twelve(12) months, provide documentation of health fitness for the school life.

6. All prospective students are to take the entrance examination and must satisfactorily pass the entrance exam.

7. Parent/student interview with administration to ensure that: 
        a. At least one parent expresses a clear testimony of Christian faith. 
        b. The parents’ desire a Christian education for their child. 
        c. Family beliefs and practices are consistent with the standards, doctrine, and values of the school. 
        d. The prospective student expresses a desire to attend DIC. 
        e. Administration assesses the parent’s motivation in seeking the student’s enrollment in the school, as well as the  student’s willingness to adhere to the discipline policies. 

8. DIC offers a program for students who desire an education in a Christian environment and are capable of achieving in a program dedicated to academic excellence. 

9. Acceptance 
        a. Parent/Guardian pays registration fee to the school and any outstanding registration forms to the main office. 
        b. Parents and students who have been granted admission to the school are required to complete all forms and pay  all required fees prior to the student beginning school.

10. If after admission process has been completed, any students' information is found to be withheld or falsified, the Admissions Committee may review the information and rescind the student’s acceptance.





The Pre-enrolment programme though optional, is highly recommended for all prospective students. This programme affords your wards a thorough preparatory ground for our entrance examination with focus on the foundational/ basic subjects (Mathematics and English); in addition to our numerous extra-curricular programmes that prepare prospective student(s) for an enjoyable learning experience with us.

The pre-enrolment programme also enables us to have a pre-assessment of your child’s strengths and weaknesses (if any) through our well-packed curricular and extra-curricular programmes for proper action on our part to fan into flame, the strengths and proactively attend to identified weaknesses with recommendations from the school management for an all-round development of your wards.

After completion of this programme, you may present your wards for our entrance examination which holds on third Saturdays of every month at 10am (prospective parents’ request for re-scheduling of entrance examination is considerable on justifiable grounds).

Admission Packages:

• Enrolment Package only [admission form, free Mathematics and English practice questions].

• Pre-enrolment Package [enrolment package, a 3-week intensive coaching, feeding, accommodation, basic health care and other facilities].

Admission is in process for the 3-week full-boarding pre-enrolment programme.

Date: Saturday 30th July, 2016. - Thursday 18th August, 2016.

Saturday 20th August, 2016- Friday 9th September, 2016

If you need any further help please contact us on:

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Thank you for choosing DIC.