We run and provide a holistic hostel system  of accommodation and facilities for our boarding students...

Our boarding system facilitates smooth and enjoyable relationship amongst our students. The rooms are well ventilated and air-conditioned with six(6) students per room. 

Students are provided with balanced and decent meals prepared in a clean environment, suitable water supply, constant power supply... among many others make our boarding system a unique.

Our mentorship programme provides each student with a forum for a one-on-one interaction with divinely-equipped mentors whereby they are ministered to personally; they receive help to deal with personal weaknesses and to fan into flame their strengths; talents, skills and graces.

The school is equipped with a standard healing bay where a first-hand health care is provided for our students.

Also, the force of leadership is instilled in them through our Special leadership programmes.

Extra-curricula activities; hostel/life building skills -among others- make our boarding facility a unique home away from home... You can be rest assured that your child is in safe hands!