Application and admission Process

The D I C seeks applicants who demonstrate the desire to study in a Christian college focused on raising students as world-class leaders and spiritual giants in these last days. The college maintains a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age. Previous academic experience is one but not the only factor in evaluating applications. 

Listed below are several admission-related links which should be helpful to you. 

 Admission Enquiries

Prospective parents approach the school through; the school websites, email address, telephone conversation, liaison offices, recruiting officers or via direct enquiries at the school premises.  Information on who we are and what we are committed to: the curriculum the school runs, the facilities available and other extracurricular activities which the students are exposed to towards achieving their all-round development-raising them to become world-class leaders and spiritual giants to prospective parents.

  Parents’ Questionnaire form

Before prospective parents are expected to make any payment for the Student’s Enrolment Package, as the school’s policy allows, we would require knowing the parents more so as to determine upfront, if their preferences and desires are in line with our policy and what we offer.  The questionnaire will also indirectly educate the parents on what the school stands for. This stage is a pivotal one that determines the progress or abortion of the admission process initiated by the prospective parents.

  Student’s Enrolment Package

The enrolment package costs N15, 000.00 only. This includes the admission form, school brochure, letter of introduction of the school to the parents, school handbills and practice questions which comprises 1000 objective questions and answers on Mathematics and English language. 

  Submission of Relevant Documents

Parents are to fill the admission form in details and submit to the school in addition to the following documents; health records, previous certificates acquired and academic results acquired in the last three sessions of previous academic programme.

  Entrance Examination

The entrance examination comes up on third Saturday` of stipulated months of the year. The exam comprises of three papers; Mathematics, English and General Knowledge. The examination results are sent to the parents within five (5) working days after the examination is written.

 Parents’ Interview

After a prospective student has offered admission into the school, an interview date will be given to the parent for a parent interview. Here, issues needing clarification in the parent’s questionnaire and the performance of the students will be addressed. This is meant to point the attention of the parents to what the school might have noticed about the child or the expectations of the parents. This stage is also a pivotal one which determines the progress or abortion of the admission on-going admission process.

 Acceptance fee /tuition

There is a non-refundable acceptance fee which must be paid within certain stipulated days of receiving the offer of admission. This is the first major financial step towards student’s enrolment.

 Student Registration

Parents/guardian of the student pays the school fee into the school’s account and presents the teller or evidence payment to the bursary section for issuance of receipt for the payments to complete the enrolment process.

The School reserves the right to request additional information, including complete files from schools attended.

Please, feel free to contact us whenever you have questions about the college or the admission process.