Core Values

DIC Core Values

  • EXCELLENCE: We believe in all round excellence. Our goal is to make our students first class citizens anywhere they find themselves within or outside Nigeria.
  • GODLINESS: We imbue the fear of God into our students and culture them in the way that their lives will be pleasing to the Almighty God. Moral sanctification is a major virtue at Destiny International College.
  • GLOBALIZATION: Though located in Osogbo, Nigeria, our curriculum is tailored to meet the best practices both nationally and internationally. Our concepts, teachers, modules and methods are world class. We pace our students to be globally eligible to succeed.
  • NURTURING THE TOTAL MAN: Man is a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body. We give our students and wards a holistic education; no area is left untouched. We deal with the total man: spirit, soul and body.
  • STRETCHABILITY: We bring out the best in every student. Our curriculum is packaged to take each student beyond his comfort zone in order to succeed.
  • FORCEFULNESS: Our students are trained to be strong individuals morally, intellectually and physically so that they can stand their ground and be bold to confront any situation life throws at them.