Mission & Objectives


Preserving the destinies of the students for God by providing them with a learning environment that nurtures and enhances divine purpose without stifling it and also giving the staff a kingdom platform to fulfil their professional career in an atmosphere that is not poisonous to their faith and calling. lie at the


A. Ensuring the spiritual and moral growth of students:

1. To teach them the Bible as God’s inspired Word, the basic principles of it and to develop attitudes of love and respect toward it.

2. To teach the student to make proper decisions based on the Word of God.

3. To encourage the development of self-discipline and responsibility in the student based on respect for and submission to God and all other authority.

4. To build a foundation of godliness through Christian leadership courses.

B. Developing and Building up students academically:

1. To equip them with academic knowledge that will prepare them for the future God has for them and make them masters of life's situations in the society

2.  To help each of them gain a thorough comprehension and command of the fundamental processes of communicating and dealing with others

3. To teach and encourage them in the use of good study habits.

4. To stimulate them to pursue independent study in areas of personal interest.

C. Supporting parents and guardians in facilitating students’ personal and Social Development:

1. By helping the students develop their personalities based on a proper understanding and acceptance of themselves as unique individuals created in the image of God. We endeavour to ensure the highest possible development of their capabilities.

2. By making the students value-adding members of society and realizing the importance of serving others.

3. By promoting an understanding of time as a God-given commodity and the individual responsibility for the use of time.

4. By showing students a realistic and biblical view of life and work, and to provide skills for personal relationships and future endeavours.

5. By helping students develop both good and proper attitudes towards marriage and family and also to understand the need to establish God-honouring homes.

6. By promoting physical fitness, good health habits, and wise use of the body as the temple of God.

7. By helping students understand the school’s purpose and program.

8. By helping parents keep up with the changing culture and its effects on the home and the implication for their children.

9. By encouraging students’ regular attendance and involvement in the local church.