Chief Executive Officer’s Address

CEODearly Beloved Parents and Guardians,

Better is the End of a thing than the beginning thereof. As we conclude the Speed Term today, we are filled with thanksgiving as to what God is doing in the lives of your children and wards.

We are glad at the opportunity to be a part of the success story that God is writing with the lives of these boys and girls. May God exceed your expectations of what they can become in Jesus name.

As they proceed on Holiday, I counsel every parent to FOCUS ON THEIR CHILDREN.

Just like the Bible says the Lord is watching over His word to perform it, EVERY PARENT SHOULD FOCUS ON AREAS THAT THEIR CHILDREN HAVE MADE PROGRESS AND AREAS THAT NEED FURTHER WORKING UPON so that at resumption, we can build on the progress we have made in the lives of these children.

As parents and guardians, let me remind you to ensure your children keep being faithful to their Quiet Time, Daily Praying in Tongues and Confession of God’s word because it builds up the Life of God in them. Remember to be steadfast and unmovable, knowing that your investment in these wonderful children is not in vain, WE WILL STAND IN THE HARVEST TOGETHER IN JESUS NAME.

I pray you have a Christmas filled with God’s goodness and a year 2017 filled with Mercies in Jesus name.

God’s Handmaiden and CEO,

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