Chief Executive Officer’s Address

CEOGreetings to you in the matchless name of Jesus.

Happy New Decade!

I trust God that you reached your destination safely after dropping your children this resumption.

As we stand on the portals of a new decade, the management and staff of Destiny International College is confident of better things in this decade for you and your children as you journey with us.

In less than a decade, DIC has already become a reference among other international schools in the same league. How we consistently deliver this global quality of education and a uniquely customized experience for each learner at a relatively low fee baffles many.

For us at DIC this decade we believe it will be a “record-breaking” decade, starting from this 2020.

National and international organizations, including Yale University in the USA, have identified our learners as benchmarks of what to expect of the next generation of African scholars.

Upon leaving DIC, many have gone to win scholarships that not only fund their university education but also refund and reward their parents’ financial investments during their time in DIC.

This decade will require a more intentional approach from parents in attending to the perennial matters: prompt fees payment, compliance with our policies and cooperating with the stretching schedule with which we pace our learners.

However, there are a few momentous matters.

Firstly, you need to appreciate the difference between your children. If you have more than a child in DIC or intend to enroll another sibling, please refrain from comparing them and assuming what they should study. Let the academic (and other supporting) data we have prayerfully gathered on them steer the course on where they will most likely excel after school. The global career landscape rewards the best in any vocation and that’s what your children will be.

Secondly, let the school’s assessments prevail. We are resolved to ensure that once we certify that our learner has passed a subject, they cannot fail at it again regardless of the examiner. If your child doesn’t attain our cut-off score for science, don’t push and prod the matter. Trust us enough to make your children top-performers in any field their assessments indicate.

Thirdly and finally, the sum of all your experience in DIC will always be greater than the parts. Don’t let termly pecuniary matters blur the vision of the strategic goal of a global, godly and world-class future we are building together for your children.

Once again, thank you for taking this journey with us.

Choosing DIC is truly a choice of wisdom.

Long live DIC!!!

Thank you choosing DIC!

God’s Handmaiden and CEO,

Reverend Oyenike Areogun

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