Admission Procedure

Parents’ Questionnaire

Filling the Parents’ Questionnaire is the first step for prospective parents seeking to bring their children or wards to DIC. The Parents’ Questionnaire assesses whether the expectations and preferences of prospective parents align with our philosophy and offer as an institution. The questionnaire also indirectly educates the parents on what the DIC is all about. This initial step is non-negotiable.

Student Enrolment Package

The Student Enrolment Package comprises the Application form, Brochure, Letter of Introduction, and Practice questions with 1,000 objective questions and answers on Mathematics and English Language. The Enrolment Package is sold as a single entity but only the form is billed. The set of practice questions is a bonus, to aid the prospective student’s preparation for the Entrance Examination. The Practice questions are not to be photocopied and they must be returned to the school on the scheduled day for the Entrance Examination.

Submission of Documents:

Parents are to return the filled application forms to the school accompanied with the following documents: (1) Health records from childhood, (2) Certificates from previous schools, and (3) Academic results from the last three (3) Academic results.

Entrance Examination

DIC Entrance Examination holds on the third Saturday of stipulated months of the year. It comprises three papers: Mathematics, English Language and General Knowledge. Results are sent to parents the next day after the Entrance Examination. The decision of the school to offer admission or not will be communicated to parents.

Parent-Student Interview

If a prospective student has received an offer of admission, a date is set for the Parent-Student Interview where both parents attend with prospective student in the presence of the school management. In this interview, the school management may ask any question to clarify the family’s orientation, and expectation of the school and other
observations stemming from the Parent’s Questionnaire and discuss the performance of their ward in the Entrance Examination.

Acceptance Fee and Tuition

There is a non-refundable acceptance fee which must be paid within days of receiving the offer of admission. This will be communicated upon an offer of admission after the Parent-Student interview.

Student’s Registration

Parents/guardian must pay the school fees into the designation school account and present teller or evidence of payment to the bursar (on or before resumption day) who will issue a receipt for the payment made.

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