Choosing Destiny Int’l College

Why Choose DIC?

In a world where the destinies of children are being suffocated into extinction by poisonous values, principles and, policies especially in the academic environment, a lasting solution has come to serve as light declaring the right way to go. Rev and Rev (Mrs) Olusola Areogun have gotten the vision to carry out this mandate.

DIC is a life-shaping and life-molding ground for children.

Some of our objectives:

  • Providing a world-class education system that incorporates the best learning methods to give each student a formidable foundation to function in any future role in life and leadership.
  • Ensuring Godliness through some courses that are based on books by Rev. & Rev. Mrs. Olusola Ayodele Areogun, such as: Acquiring Leadership Life, Sexual Purity, Decisions that Guarantee Your Tomorrow etc.
  • Equipping students with spiritual understanding and academic knowledge that will prepare them for the future God has for them and make them become masters of life’s situations in the society: leadership development, entrepreneurial abilities, morally upright role models, job creators, problem solvers, etc.

DIC holds outstanding promises for the children of this generation and many more generations to come as we ensure that your children have access to high-quality education and positive spiritual mentoring.


A destiny preserving project of the Holy Spirit in these last days to raise God’s Kingdom species and world-class leaders.


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