Governing Council

The Chairman

Rev. Olusola Ayodele Areogun

Reverend Olusola Ayodele Areogun is an ordained minister of the gospel. He serves the will of God in this generation as author, teacher, church planter and mentor of leaders for the next generation with varied ministerial exposure and experience. He also serves as a father and cover for many up-coming ministers.

The Chief Executive Officer

Rev. Mrs. Oyenike Areogun

Oyenike Areogun is an ordained minister of the Gospel. She serves the will of God in this generation as Intercessor, Church pastor, Pastor’s wife, Mother, Conference Speaker and Church Administrator. She also operates in a prophetic ministry whose accuracy has brought increase and joy to God’s people. She is also a minstrel bringing songs from God’s presence, under the music label called THRONE ROOM MUSIC.

Executive Director 1

Miss Peace Areogun

Peace Areogun is a young lady making waves in her world one step at a time.

Having received her Bachelor’s degree in English and Master’s degree in International Management with HRM from reputable institutions, she has had working experience in Academia as well as in other sectors. She has end – to – end HR experience from various sectors and manages the HR operations of the school.

Peace is an avid reader, writer, education enthusiast, entrepreneur and speaker. She is an advocate for the Girl Child as well as for promoting a reading culture among young people. She is the brain behind the ‘Destiny Scribes’, which is, at the moment, an in-house writing competition for DIC students

Executive Director II

Pastor Kehinde Odeniyi

Kehinde Odeniyi is rounding off his PhD in Agriculture and Food Economics at University of Reading. He is currently interested in investigating the effects of agricultural technology Disadoption on Food Security in Low-Income Countries.

A destiny preserving project of the Holy Spirit in these last days to raise God’s Kingdom species and world-class leaders.


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