As part of our pastoral care, each student is assigned to mentors who are trained to interact with the students on a closer level to help them strike a balance is the everyday aspect of their lives which include:

  • Academic/career.
  • Moral
  • Social
  • Spiritual i.e. discipleship.

The DIC student mentorship programme is aimed at raising our students to becoming world-class leaders and spiritual giants.

Each mentor is expected to play a role of a counsellor, a disciple, a friend, a pacer, an instructor and a disciplinarian that ensures an all-round development of each student assigned to him/her.

Mentors pray with their mentees and help them to grow in the knowledge and application of the doctrines and principles of the Bible.

Mentors also help students to discover and develop and channel the gifts, talents and graces in them by helping to fan into flame their strengths and to deal with personal weaknesses in them.

A destiny preserving project of the Holy Spirit in these last days to raise God’s Kingdom species and world-class leaders.


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