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I want you to know that your coming to DIC is neither a mistake nor a coincidence. However, it is a masterfully crafted plan by God to equip you for the great destiny He has planned for you.
The world, more than ever, is searching and waiting for well-equipped men and women of the spirit to rise up and lead the way in all walks of life.
To do this, such men and women must be equipped spiritually and academically and that is exactly what DIC offers; an opportunity for the youths to get all the necessary preparation they needed for the great destiny God has for them. You are about to receive both a world-class education and one of the soundest spiritual training you could ever find on the face of the earth. Don’t take it for granted. God is counting on your seriousness with this period of time in your life. Remember, to whom much is given, much is required.
God bless you.
Joshua Areogun

A destiny preserving project of the Holy Spirit in these last days to raise God’s Kingdom species and world-class leaders.


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